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Finding and hiring consultants with the necessary skill set for the job is difficult. Businesses have a need for consultants in specific fields but have a challenging time locating these specialists. That’s where Skillbridge comes in. Skillbridge provides a sleek platform for companies to post projects, compare recommended consultants, distribute payment, and connect directly with the chosen specialist. As they say, it’s really all about giving companies the “freedom to choose who [they] want, for how long and for how much.” On the flip side, consultants get to connect with businesses that need their expertise - who doesn’t like being hired quickly and easily? Skillbridge is essentially cutting out the middleman and streamlining the hiring process for both companies and consultants. They’re bridging the gap between skill and opportunity.


Everyone has that one topic they love reading about, writing about, and sharing on their social media channels. Scoop.It allows you to continue doing this more efficiently than ever before. Getting started is easy: choose a topic and Scoop.It will provide relevant content using their big data semantic technology and community of curators. Read articles you like, write short commentary on it, share it directly on your social media platforms, and get your own content hub to aggregate these articles. This allows you to continue sharing content to your friends and followers while now having a place to accumulate it all. You can then regularly access your past content and link it to employers so they can see what sorts of articles you read and find all your witty and unique perspectives on all of them! Finding the right content is also more straightforward and effortless - no more sifting through the crowded and sometimes un-relevant pages of Google. Start reading, collecting, and sharing content now.


A constant frustration for startups or even individuals and small businesses that are starting something is the legal complications that come with the territory. Naturally there are rules for how a business can operate which varies based on what kind of business you have - and this can be hard to navigate when your team (sometimes it’s just one person) doesn’t necessary have the skill set for it.
LawTrades offers a platform where you can reach legal help quickly and easily. As a customer on their site, you can book a lawyer by typing in some simple information, and in less than 5-10 minutes, you could be on your way to solving your legal troubles. All the lawyers featured on their website now are carefully selected by the team! In addition to finding a lawyer for more involved help, you can ask a quick question and get direct responses from lawyers on standby or simply type in your number to get called. With LawTrades, the seemingly impossible labyrinth of patent, bankruptcy, trademark, and other law that one encounters in creating a startup becomes navigable.

Strategy Hack

The business model of Strategy Hack is a fascinating and useful one. They host “Strategy Hacks” or events where they pair top notch marketers with a startup team to figure out marketing strategies for that startup. The structure of the event is a pre-event mixer followed by an 8-hour day where three marketers are paired with a startup to discuss the company’s needs and create a plan of attack for the future.

But the surprising part is they earn revenue from the marketers. These marketing experts actually pay to help a startup because it’s packaged from the standpoint that they (a) get experience guiding a startup through the market and (b) get to see their ideas come to fruition as quick as within 24 hours whereas it could take months with a larger corporation. What a cool marketing tactic for a startup that’s centered around marketing strategies. Both parties have a lot to gain from this experience - marketing is crucial for startups in getting their names out there and well, making money!


It’s about time someone used data analytics and cognitive science to get important information about kids and how they’re learning. Through these fun and educational games, they’re able to monitor a child’s progress and identify learning needs. This in turn allows teachers to gather insights on how they should utilize different teaching strategies, identify any at-risk children, and see if their curriculum benchmarks are met. Of course, as much as people support the improvement of education, it’s easy to get caught up in red tape or face strong objections when approaching the area of children and data. In response to the excellent question of how they’re addressing this, Teachley explained that they’re working closely with the Department of Education and have a lawyer on staff to advise them on such matters. The potential for growth here is huge and it’s exciting to think about what sorts of breakthroughs in educational research Teachley will be making in the next few years, one game at a time.