You'd Like someone to 

Execute ADVERTISING strategically and flawlessly

I have ran millions of dollars of spend behind Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, and DBM for Fortune 500 companies and large brands. I have set up learning agendas to test and scale behind audiences, creatives, and bid strategies that work to not only reach but outperform goals.

I can run end to end process from media planning and projections, to creation and optimization, then finally analyze end results for additional insights to inform future iterations and other business questions.


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Analyze DATA to predict results and drive decisions

I can analyze different segments and cuts of data to provide recommendations backed by numbers. I can tell you who is actually purchasing your products vs who you might think your customers look like, what's the typical long term value of a customer, which marketing partners should you continue to work with, which products are selling the best, which part of the website conversion flow you are you seeing the greatest drop off, and other burning questions.


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Define a BRAND based on your target demographic

I have conducted market research with focus groups and surveys, getting data to find fundamental truths about segments of a brand's target market. I understand how crucial brand messaging is for the success of a company.

I'm attracted to niche products and services with a strong and clear value proposition that resonates with today's consumers. I have recommended strategy to drive acquisition, conversion, retention, and reactivation for e-commerce websites.


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Establish a SOCIAL MEDIA presence and grow your following

I have crafted social media strategy and managed several platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr. Understanding and evolving the strategy based on each company's goals and changes in the platforms has been valuable.

I have grown Instagram followers from 0 to 800 and 10K to 12K in the span of a few months, using tools such as TargetGrow and hashtags to increase visibility, and am familiar with the influencer landscape we operate in today.


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Someone to be your one-woman DESIGN shop

I have graphic design expertise in using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator,and InDesign to make 50+ infographics, email newsletters, gifs, ad banners, and more. 

I have ran two Facebook advertising campaigns from start to finish in strategizing, implementing, and then analyzing for effectiveness. I used MailChimp to orchestrate drip marketing workflows.



Increase CONVERSIONS with website design and A/B Testing

I have worked with a client to redesign their entire website, going through several iterations of wireframing, drawing up moodboards, and then finally building it out through wordpress. In the process I also learned some CSS and HTML.

I helped right SocialCode's test and learn playbook, people know me as an avid tester.


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Publish DIGITAL CONTENT such as blog articles, photos, videos

I have written many blog articles, created infographics, and facilitated in copywriting for various companies in an effort to increase their organic content online. 

I have photographed headshots, events, and products. I have produced a video from start to finish with getting footage, combing through it, and then editing it into a final work with Adobe Premiere Pro.