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Define a BRAND based on your target demographic

I have conducted market research with focus groups and surveys, getting data to find fundamental truths about segments of a brand's target market. I'm familiar with marketing mix modeling - calculating ROI to forecast future sales. I understand how crucial branding is for the success of a company.

I'm attracted to niche products and services with a strong, clear, and unique brand that resonates with today's consumers. I have recommended strategy to drive acquisition, conversion, retention, and reactivation for e-commerce websites.


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Establish a SOCIAL MEDIA presence and grow your following

I have crafted social media strategy and managed several platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr. Understanding and evolving the strategy based on each company's goals and changes in the platforms has been valuable.

I have grown Instagram followers from 0 to 800 and 10K to 12K in the span of a few months, using tools such as TargetGrow and hashtags to increase visibility. 

I have created and analyzed several Facebook Ad campaigns and evaluated the optimum channels for each brand. 


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Publish DIGITAL CONTENT such as blog articles, photos, videos

I have written many blog articles, created infographics, and facilitated in copywriting for various companies in an effort to increase their organic content online. 

I have photographed headshots, events, and products. I have produced a video from start to finish with getting footage, combing through it, and then editing it into a final work with Adobe Premiere Pro. 


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DESIGN materials to reach audience with email newsletters or online advertising

I have graphic design expertise in using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator,and InDesign to make 50+ infographics, email newsletters, gifs, ad banners, and more. 

I have ran two Facebook advertising campaigns from start to finish in strategizing, implementing, and then analyzing for effectiveness. I used MailChimp to orchestrate drip marketing workflows.




Increase CONVERSION with website design and A/B Testing

I have worked with a client to redesign their entire website, going through several iterations of wireframing, drawing up moodboards, and then finally building it out through wordpress. In the process I also learned some CSS and HTML.

I have contributed ideas for A/B testing and sat in on weekly meetings to analyze the statistical significance of changes to UI/UX.


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Use DATA to predict results and drive business decisions

I have used platforms liked Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and UpSellIt to analyze content and campaigns that are making direct contributions to the company's bottom line. 

Using Excel pivot tables and vlookups, I provided data on purchase behavior at different times of the month, gave pointed recommendations at email campaign hierarchy, and more.